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8 Sided Films is a repertory film company, and the 8 Sided Players are working together to create feature films and a film community that offers challenges, inspiration and delight to make our community stronger, wiser, and more inclusive.


For any production to realize its full creative and financial potential, every creative element must reflect the overall goals of the project. Every great collaborative work was produced by a team of talented people, united by a common intent. 8 Sided Films represents our collective stewardship over the stories born from intent too multifaceted, specific, or unique for studio production, and our commitment to honoring that intent as the foundation for a more personal relationship with our audience.


Here's a few of the web shows we've created for your entertainment, and some of the places where you can track us down online:

storytelling in between the films
DECLASSIFIED: Project Icarus

"DECLASSIFIED" is a webseries chronicling the fictional exploits of the Bureau of Applied Defense Development during the height of the Cold War, through the public release of archival film records maintained by the bureau for political posterity.


Our first season regards PROJECT ICARUS, and the undertaking of a manned, eight year, one way mission to Saturn's moon of Titan.

EXHIBIT 1: June 23, 1977

Icarus reports on crossing frontier of manned space exploration.

EXHIBIT 2: December 12, 1977

Icarus reports malfunction in long-term life support systems.

EXHIBIT 3: April 8, 1978

Icarus reports emergency extra-vehicular activity.

EXHIBIT 4: January 9, 1979

Icarus reports small-object collisions.

EXHIBIT 5: May 2, 1979

Icarus reports on managing physiological and psychological stress of space travel.

EXHIBIT 6: October 10, 1979

Icarus reports medical and psychological effects of long-term isolation.

EXHIBIT 7: March 12, 1980

Icarus reports object collision.

EXHIBIT 8: September 1, 1980

Icarus reports emergency repairs to life support systems.

EXHIBIT 9: November 7, 1980

Icarus reports damage to communications array and emergency EVA.

EXHIBIT 10: April 11, 1981

Icarus reports course-adjustment ballistics.

EXHIBIT 11: February 10, 1983

Icarus reports Jovian fly-by.

EXHIBIT 12: September 5, 1985

Icarus reports revised plan for atmospheric insertion and EVA on Titan.


Two documentary filmmakers from Los Angeles discover and investigate the presence of an extra-terrestrial intelligence.

First Contact

Eli and Casey introduce the phenomenon that lead them to film The Starmind Record.

Dean Ballard

Casey and Eli reveal who Dean Ballard was before the arrival of the Starmind, and document the place where Dean was discovered.

One Day in the Life

Casey and Eli make a few discoveries while documenting an average day, and explain their vision for The Starmind Record.

Agent Drakenmeyer

Eli and Casey come face-to-face to the law when an agent from the Defense Intelligence Agency comes looking for Dean.

The Astronomer

Eli and Casey bring in an astronomer to authenticate the starmap.

Interview with Sealed Skies

UFO blogger Nelson Fuller interviews Eli and Casey about The Starmind Record.

The People Who Came

Something is drawing people to Dean from all over Southern California. Eli and Casey document the phenomenon in search of an explanation.

Agent Drakenmeyer, Part II

When Drakenmeyer returns to complete his mission, Casey, Eli, and Dean will use any means necessary to preserve The Starmind Record.

Big Black Sky

Casey and Eli discover proof of the Starmind's extra-terrestrial origin, and uncover the meaning of the words "The stars are black."

Joannie Ballard

When Joannie Ballard insists on seeing her husband, Casey and Eli weigh the risks of allowing him to leave with her.

The Starmind

Eli and Casey assemble a scientific thinktank to deduce the Starmind's endgame.

The Way the World Ends

When Dean Ballard wakes up, Eli and Casey have one final chance to understand the Starmind's true nature and purpose.

conversations with the community

Every week, the 8 Sided Players post a video blog on the process of making independent feature films, on the ethics and sustainability of Hollywood, or on our personal battles as we pursue our careers in film.

Watch the 8 Sided Blog on YouTube

Writer, director, and 8 Sided Player Tennyson E. Stead and composer, musican, and company collaborator Dan Hegarty interview guests from film, theater, and music to make the community a little smaller, and to reinforce the values and practices of classical performance.

Listen to the Loudmouths on iTunes

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Writer and director Tennyson E. Stead writes a comprehensive blog on the standards, practices, and principles that drive 8 Sided Films and the entertainment industry in general.

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Writer and director Tennyson E. Stead offer his time to performers and filmmakers in Los Angeles for questions about independent film.

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the mission
storytelling in between the films
DECLASSIFIED: Project Icarus
conversations with the community
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the mission
storytelling in between the films
DECLASSIFIED: Project Icarus
conversations with the community