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Two scientists build a prototype with the power to alter reality itself. When a defense contractor steals the device, can these two women save our future?


Quantum Theory is the first of many 8 Sided Films representing Hollywood's return to repertory: working as an ensemble to build more personal relationships with our audience through excellence in cinema, ongoing web content and open communication as well as touring and events, and more personal relationships in the industry by inspiring enthusiasm and cultural leadership, supporting the work of others, and demonstrating sustainability.


Angela Sauer Chelsea

Elinor Gunn Roe

Greg Itzin Mr. Fenris

Ray Auxais Aslan

Acacia Fisher Alex

Cesar Ramos Hector

Gerard Marzilli Lee Fisher

Tyler Seiple Mr. Welles

Ariana Almajan Dr. Hitchcock

written and directed by...

Tennyson E. Stead

cinematography by...

Johnny Derango

music by...

Dan Hegarty

To open the story of Quantum Theory, the future Dr. Chelsea Barrington and the future Dr. Gertrude "Roe" Monroe debate the truth in how popular culture is presenting scientific discoveries and scientific research on their weekly college webcast. In particular, the movie starts with a back-and-forth on whether quantum physics literally means that thoughts create and transform reality...


...and we thought that it would be a good test of the writing and of our leading characters to perform a few of the other episodes of Chelsea and Roe's webcast. 8 Sided Films proudly presents actors Tybee Diskin and Danielle K. Jones, in SASSxACCELERATION:

Follow Quantum Theory on social media, and stay tuned for updates as we bring this strange little science-fiction heist movie to life:

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coming soon...
also this season... Man and Machine
Smash Girl
A Changeling Love Story